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    Donation list (Rsgp)

    Rocky D2
    Rocky D2

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    Donation list (Rsgp) Empty Donation list (Rsgp)

    Post  Rocky D2 on Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:24 am


    Donator Status: 5m

    Torva helm:7m
    Torva Platebody:7m
    Torva Platelegs:7m
    Buy Set Save 3m

    Pernix Cowl: 6m
    Pernix Plate: 8m
    Pernix Legs: 7m
    Buy Set Save 3m

    Virtus Mask: 6m
    Virtus Body: 10m
    Virtus Legs: 6m
    Buy Set Save 2m

    Red Partyhat:31m
    Blue Partyhat:33m
    Green Partyhat:28m
    Yellow Partyhat:28m
    Purple Partyhat:30m
    White Partyhat:35m
    Buy set save 11m

    Santa hat: 40m

    Blue Mask:22m
    Red Mask:24m
    Green Mask:21m
    Buy set save 6m

    Cash is 1m rsgp per 200m Pulsescape gp

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